13 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners without a Website

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In this article, I’ll show you how to join the most outstanding affiliate programs without having to create a website. I’ll also talk about affiliate marketing and how you may make money online with it.

Making money online has been a widespread practice in recent years. Many individuals now feel that instead of working hard, you may work more innovative to make more.

On the internet, there are several chances and jobs to earn money. Affiliate marketing is a high-paying and simple-to-start internet task.

Although many people believe that you must have a website to begin affiliate marketing, the truth is that there are many websites on the internet where you can join affiliate programs without having to have one.

Let’s have a look at some of the top affiliate programs that don’t require you to have a website and can help you earn more money.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a method of advertising a company’s products or services over the internet. Online purchasing and selling are prevalent in today’s digital marketing landscape.

This is why affiliate marketing has become a highly popular and lucrative online trend in recent years. To be an affiliate marketer, you must have a lot of traffic and the capacity to sell.

Many individuals, however, say that you must have a website, which is not always the case. Today, I’ll show you the 13 best affiliate networks that you can use to generate money without having your website. So, let’s have a look at them.

Ways to Join Best Affiliate Programs Without a Website

Let’s look at how to join Affiliate Programs without having a website in more depth.

YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are the quickest way to draw attention and get people to engage with your content. Even if you don’t have a lot of followers, if you make informative and helpful videos, they’ll become viral and a lot of people will watch them.

As a result, one of the most effective ways of promoting products or services and participating in affiliate marketing is through this method.

The most crucial component of crafting affiliate-making videos is to convey adequate knowledge of the product and not to emphasize the fact that you are advertising the product through your affiliate link, which will benefit you financially.

Many people value honesty, so if they believe you aren’t trying to defraud them and the video is useful and educational, your affiliate program will get off to a good start.

Social Media

The foundation of any product or service is social media.

You don’t need a website or blog to promote products or get started with affiliate marketing if you have a strong social media presence.

Affiliate marketing is directly dependent on traffic or audience interaction,

therefore if you have a good following on social media where you can promote, you may easily start an affiliate program without having to create a website.


The e-book is a popular and traditional method of product marketing and promotion. They can also be one of the most short-lived promotional tactics.

You must, however, be knowledgeable on the subject on which you are creating an E-Book. If you buy a lot of things from Amazon, for example, you can concentrate on those products, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of those products.

After that, you can easily submit your unique affiliate link so that people may buy or at least check out the stuff. This will make your E-book more professional, and you’ll be able to get some significant sales conversions.

Forums or Online Groups

There are numerous online forums or online communities dedicated to a specific topic.

Individual forums or groups on websites like Reddit or 4chan allow you to debate and engage with other people or large audiences.

If you want to market your product and encourage people to join your affiliate program,

you should look for a product forum where you may start a discussion.

You can help individuals or answer queries on these forums to attract attention,

and then persuade them to buy things through your affiliate link, which will benefit you in the long term.

As a result, these are the four primary methods for getting started with affiliate marketing without having to create a website.

Now, why don’t you look at the best affiliate programs available on the internet that don’t require a website and allow you to get started right away?

Best Affiliate Programs That Don’t Require A Website

1. GetResponse Affiliate Program


One of the first and best email autoresponder programs available is GetResponse.

The Getresponse affiliate program, which is split into the affiliate reward program and affiliate recurring program, is an instant approval affiliate program with no website need.

While the affiliate recurring program gives a 33 percent monthly recurring affiliate fee for as long as the customer continues to pay his/her monthly membership,

the affiliate bounty program pays a one-time $100 commission for each customer.

You will receive sufficient marketing materials, in-the-moment earnings statistics, and a monthly reward regardless of the scheme you select.

PayPal is used to pay affiliate commissions.

The bounty program commission is $100, and the affiliate recurring program commission is 33%.

Cookie duration: 120 days.

2. Payoneer Affiliate


One of the popular affiliate networks to be joined without a website is Payoneer Affiliate.

It is always seen as one of the most effective ways to transfer money online

or withdraw money from projects or online earnings.

Payoneer is the best alternative to PayPal and is used instead of PayPal in many countries.

Payoneer Affiliate is easy to use as it pays by transfer.

This means that you will already have your own unique referral link when you join the Payoneer website.

Payoneer will pay you $25 per affiliate if you can bring in traffic through your affiliate link

(but only if the affiliate makes $1,000 in transactions).

If your affiliate completes a $1,000 transaction, they will receive a $25 bonus.

3. Systeme.io


A digital marketing tool Systeme.io allows users to build landing pages, sales funnels, mini websites, automated mailings, and more.

It is a free piece of software with upgrade options.

One of the simplest affiliate programs with no required website to join is Systeme.io.

Simply entering your email address is all that is needed to register for a free account with the software and join the affiliate program.

The email address you provided will immediately receive a link to create your password and sign in to your dashboard.

Additionally, you can switch between your main dashboard and affiliate dashboard from your dashboard.

A monthly recurring commission structure characterizes the two-tier affiliate scheme.

It’s like throwing two stones with one stone if you join Systeme.io.

This is so that you can promote affiliate products without a website by using the software to construct landing pages and automated emails in addition to receiving commissions from the affiliate program.

Commissions: For tier one, there are recurring commissions of 40% on all products, while tier two commissions are 5%.

4. Ezoic Affiliate Program


The Ezoic Affiliate Program is also one of the largest affiliate programs and affiliate sites on the Internet.

You can just go to the Ezoic website and register on the site.

The affiliate program pays 3% of the publisher’s total income.

When the affiliate signs up for Ezoic using your link, the affiliate program starts.

You will start receiving commissions in the following month.

Ezoic also provides outstanding assistance and training to its affiliates, which leads to increased revenue and long-term growth.

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5. Amazon Associates


Amazon Associates is the largest and most trusted affiliate network on the Internet.

And the best part is that you don’t even need a website.

All you have to do is use the affiliate link to sell things online.

This is not a difficult task because Amazon is the largest seller of online products in the world.

As a result, if the product is sold through your referral link, you will receive a commission of 1% up to 10% on the product price.

The problem is that Amazon Associates cookies only last for 24 hours, so sales must convert within that time frame.

6. DreamHost Affiliate


DreamHost Affiliate is one of the largest and most profitable affiliate programs available online without a website.

One of the highest-paid referral rates on the internet, according to DreamHost, they give $97 per referral.

They also have a rule whereby you get an incentive of $5 for every new subscriber your referral brings.

For anyone working in affiliate marketing, DreamHost is one of the most attractive sites.

But things don’t stop there. For every five referrals, you make in a month, you will also get a bonus of $50.

I urge you to sign up for DreamHost Affiliate right away because they pay you every month by check, PayPal, or hosting credit.

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7. AliExpress Affiliate Program


A well-known Chinese online retailer is AliExpress.

As the largest Chinese retail network, it is known as Amazon China.

With a fee of up to 9% on each sale and a minimum commission of 3%, it also boasts one of the most popular affiliate platforms.

The best feature of this service is that you may become an affiliate without having a website.

The site’s drawback is that no matter the cost of the product, the highest commission you can get is simply $50.

After transferring the transaction from your affiliate company.

8. Shopify Affiliate Program


Shopify is a well-known online marketplace and network where you can purchase and sell goods anywhere in the world.

Additionally, they have a top-notch affiliate program that allows you to make $58 for each referral or affiliate you may bring.

You will get a special Shopify affiliate link that you may use on social media without a website.

Additionally, they offer first-rate affiliate management and live chat support around-the-clock to help you with your affiliate program.

9. KWFinder Affiliate Program


KWFinder is a well-liked SEO and online market research tool for locating keywords more effectively than the competitors.

One of Mangools.com’s well-known features is KWFinder.

Once you register for Mangools.com, you will automatically be added to the KWFinder affiliate network.

The best part is that you don’t need a website to participate in an affiliate program; rather, all you need to do is share your affiliate link with others and encourage them to purchase the product, particularly KWFinder tools.

You will be paid a 30% commission on each payment made by an affiliate customer, regardless of whether the payment is recurring.

If you reach the minimum compensation level of $150, KWFinder will send you cash via PayPal and check.

10. ShortPixel Affiliate Program


A well-known source of WordPress plugins and API, ShortPixel is mostly used to compress photos for better SEO optimization.

As a result of the photos’ compression, your website will load more quickly, which will draw in more visitors.
You may join the ShortPixel site’s fantastic affiliate network right away without needing a website.

You can use your various social media platforms to promote your affiliate links, write a blog, make a video, or do all three.

Additionally, you can make a newsletter or an email chain to advertise ShortPixel.

Tracking cookie lasts 30 days

When compared to other options, the affiliate commission rate for the ShortPixel is significant at 30% per transaction.

11. DomainRacer


DomainRacer is a popular web and domain hosting service.

Provides fast hosting services with easy-to-use features at an affordable cost from DomainRacer.

Offers reseller, VPS, and shared hosting.

It is very easy to register as a DomainRacer affiliate.

Simply sign up to become an affiliate. No website is required to register.

It is currently one of the simplest sites to sign up without a website.

You can earn up to 70% of every sale with DomainRacer. Once you reach $100, you can withdraw the funds.

12. Pluralsight


Anyone looking to learn a variety of technical skills that can help them land high-paying jobs or projects should check out Pluralsight, which is a well-known website.

Additionally, they provide a respectable affiliate scheme that doesn’t require you to build a website.

You can earn up to a 50% commission by recommending Pluralsight’s courses, but the minimum payment is $50 Every month, you’ll receive payment via PayPal or wire transfer.

SQL, Cyber Security, Data Administration, and Big Data are the courses from Pluralsight that you can advertise.

These courses are in high demand, and numerous individuals take them daily either in person or online, increasing your chances of making a solid conversion sale.

13. Groove


Another piece of digital marketing software with a no approval needed affiliate program is Groovefunnels.

The program is available for free with optional upgrade pages that allow affiliates to profit greatly from each sale.

As long as the customer purchases the item through your link, you will receive commissions for every product purchased on Groovefunnels.

You receive commissions from each sale made by a person you refer in this two-tier affiliate scheme.

You must register for a free Groovefunnels account in order to participate in the promotion.

May get all the promotional materials you’ll ever need to earn commissions with the program by going to your affiliate dashboard from your account

Commissions: recurring monthly two-tier commissions at 40%.

Cookie duration: Infinite


These are some of the best affiliate programs that you can join.

It takes a lot of effort and personality to convince site visitors to visit the site and buy the items you are promoting in affiliate marketing.

Since the work involved in promoting products is the same in all circumstances,

I would advise promoting higher-paying products when you start with affiliate marketing because doing so will result in a bigger commission.

Recurring affiliate products are also best for promotion because you will receive a fixed commission on repeat or multiple sales of the same product.

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